Corporate Identity / Branding / Graphical Design

We value the importance of creating an outstanding virtual identity and presence for your business and thus your software or mobile applications. Our skilled and passionate design team thinks outside the box to deliver extraordinary design results. We are not bound to conventional ideas and we believe that even the sky is not the limit!

Graphical User Interface Architecture

The user interface of your mobile or software application is a highly noticeable indicator and representation of your company. Thanks to years of experience we are masters at creating simplistic and powerful graphical user interfaces. We emphasize the importance of delivering a neat, well-organized, professional and simplistic design which can be used by visitors of all ages.

Web Application Architecture

We are blending technology and innovation with the high standards of your industry to unleash a great online solution for your virtual world. Our web strategists can help you to organize an efficient system for all your online needs. Simply tell us what those needs are. We will then analyze your idea(s), create a roadmap and get your virtual business out there!

Administrative / Back-End functionality

A company should be well-equipped for the continuous race within the ever advancing digital age we are living in today. For this reason we have an expert team to develop flexible and efficient back-end functionality. This helps you to stay ahead of the competition. Our administrative functionality will be tailored to meet the demands of of your business's niche. We are experts in simplistic interfaces that carry a wide variety of options.

Fully Responsive Cross-Platform Support

There is an exponential growth of different platforms and devices with which people can access your website. We believe that every single website should be made fully responsive and adaptable to any device. We have vast experience in implementing the latest modern (web) technologies related to responsive design. After an extensive examination of the requirements of your business, we will deliver an effective cross-platform, state-of-the-art website. Guaranteed.

(Integrated) Content Management System

Integration of a content management system (CMS) allows the client to publish text, images and change parts of the website within seconds. We can flawlessly identify the different needs for maintaining the content of an organization's website. Thus, we implement the best suitable CMS for your business. Whether you need a custom solution, you wish to use one of the existing frameworks (e.g. Wordpress or Joomla), or you don't have a clue: we will work closely with your business to find the best possible implementation for your web application.

(Integrated) Shopping Cart / Web Shop

Our developers are able to efficiently integrate (customized) shopping cart solutions into your business's website to ensure a simplistic yet powerful user experience. Do you own an existing web shop and are you looking for custom modules (e.g. Magento or Opencart)? We are here to help you succeed! Our methodology consists of evaluating each project on an individual basis, so that we can offer the best possible solution for your business. We are able to handle small web shops as well as those of larger enterprises.

Custom Templates for Existing Web Frameworks

If you are looking to get your website online as quickly as possible? And you still want it to stand out from the rest? We’ve got the solution! HostingKey build customized and fully responsive high quality templates for existing web frameworks (e.g. Joomla, Wordpress, Magento or Opencart). You will get a template filled with sleek and dazzling features while keeping your website simplistic and user friendly. Our team of experts will help you with the virtualisation of your idea!


Enterprise Scalability

Are you predicting a large surge of new visitors and are you not sure if your application will be able to handle the load? As your web application gains traction, your application needs to scale in order to accommodate for the extra demand of your business. Our developers can implement horizontal (e.g. an increase in customer accounts) and vertical (e.g. an increase in complex operations) scalability solutions to support all types of growth. This also includes server-side solutions like load balancing and fail-over. With our first-class enterprise scalability services your business is ready to expand without limits!